Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Know the better side of your face

The latest Words of Wisdom are: Know the better side of your face. If you look in a mirror and draw an imaginary line across your eyes and another one across your mouth, you will probably find that the two lines are not parallel. The side where the lines are further apart will normally be your better side. This side will usually be wider, as well, and more mobile and expressive. You will photograph better from this side and it’s the side to favour whenever you have the choice. If you find that your face is quite even and symmetrical (which probably means you are very beautiful or handsome, as we are instinctively attracted to such people) try clicking your tongue to make a sound like a horse galloping. It’s probable you can only do this on one side, your ‘good’ side.

More people are right faced than left faced. Left faced people are more likely to be male and it’s associated with being good at maths or music. It doesn’t seem to be linked to left- or right-handedness. Few people seem to know about this, though it’s important to know about for anyone who wants to make the best possible physical impression. So know the better side of your face.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Never give in

The Words of Wisdom this week are about persistence. One of the main reasons for businesses and other enterprises failing is the lack of persistence – giving in too easily. This is true of sport and the arts as well. As you continue in something you learn and improve, but it does take time. If you start out in life with an aim you may change that aim, or alter your strategy for achieving it. You may develop your tactics, but the important thing (and the one that happens to be my personal motto) is Never give in.

Never give in.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Use your head

The Words of Wisdom this week are Use your head. It’s quite impossible to speak without moving your head but most head movement is completely unconscious. Study people in life and on television. Notice how they all use their head movements to amplify what they are saying and the way they respond to other people’s speech. Observe how head movement may express assent, affirmation, negativity, doubt, explanation, recollection and all sorts of complexities of them and much more. See how head movements associate with gaze, facial expression, gesture and words. By becoming aware of all this you can harness a tool which you can use to make your own performances stronger and showing greater complexity. Use your head.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Remember that the greatest talent you can have is the talent for hard work.

The Words of Wisdom this week are Remember that the greatest talent you can have is the talent for hard work. Whatever abilities you are born or grow up with, they can be enormously enhanced by consistent, incremental, well directed, study and practice. And the converse is also true, talents not exercised and used will, in time decay. Use it or lose it. And you will find that hard work brings its own satisfaction.