Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Hang out with winners

Words of Wisdom: I caught Ronnie Wood talking to Kay Burley this week and two things he said, with reference to Amy Winehouse and young musicians, were ‘Hang out with winners’ and ‘Keep on going.’ Winning depends on developing traits which can be adopted from successful people and it becomes a habit: so does always keeping on, keeping on becomes a habit: I agree with Ronnie 100%.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Take ownership of your dialogue

And the Words of Wisdom this week are: Take ownership of your dialogue. The words you are given were written by a writer, but they are not the writer’s words, they belong to the character you are playing. You are not delivering lines written by a stranger. You are creating a character, derived in the first instance from the words the character has been given and any description or direction, and then delivering those words as your character’s own. Adopt the vocabulary, the words and the phrasing and above all the emotions revealed to you, and deliver them as if no-one thought of them or created them until they emanated from your mind and came out through your mouth. Take ownership of your dialogue.