Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Be complicated: do simple

Spring is in the air and the daffodils are blooming and we are continuing with our program of classes: every session different and every session new.The numbers of people attending fell off when we were in the relatively hard to get to Precinct Theatre but now we are closer to the middle of things (and, most importantly, the tube) I am glad to say they are gradually increasing again. So come and join us ... or rejoin us!

Starting this week, I intend to put some words of wisdom in these weekly mailings for you to think about and put in your notebook. You do keep a notebook, don't you?

The first item is one of my sayings: 'Be complicated: do simple'.

'Be complicated: Characters are complicated because people are complicated.We all have mixed and changeable emotions. One dimensional characters are not interesting and neither are they true to life. So when you are researching a character, or when you are improvising, keep it real by increasing appropriate complexity and contradiction. That draws the audience in.

Do simple: Keep your performance uncluttered by fussy, fidgety detail. Focus on the important things and don't dilute their impact by dressing them up with minor distractions. Avoid funny voice acting, let alone funny nose acting. Keep it plain and simple; keep still unless you have a reason for moving; don't draw the audience's attention away from the main event.